FAR FROM WHO WE ARE's highly anticipated new EP releases on Friday 02 July

"Sleep in Shadows" includes five songs that perfectly showcases their mind-blowing hard rocking sorcery, and is a really refreshing and unique combination of heaviness and heart in today's scene.  

CHECK OUT TRACK TASTERS HERE - From powerful opener "D.O.M. (Death Of Me)" to the melancholic emo trip that is"Polluted", it's a truly engaging listen that urges you to press repeat, again and again. 

Featuring really cool collaborations with Gideon Kretschmer (HeadFury, WonderWolf, Lava Suit) on title track "Sleep in Shadows", and Nicolas González (Climate Control) on "This is War", this is a truly world-class album that deserves to be heard.  

Support the band directly - PRE-ORDER YOUR DIGITAL COPY NOW and hear it a week before everyone else! PLUS - we'll send you another free song download and a 10% discount code for our HopePunk Merch Shop

OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE - FRIDAY 02 JULY 2021 (Pre-order - 25 June 2021)

And in case you missed it - check out the videos for the first two singles