1. GLOW

From the recording GLOW

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Met around halfway
didn’t know how far we’d go
was around mid-May
didn’t have too much to show
(to the bone)

Nowhere home,
Where to go;
Where’s the glow?
no one knows

Then we lost the way
and we stumbled off the road
all our dust tears grey
we did not stray

Take it slow
no first stones
Where is home?
Where’s the glow?

Now we know
nowhere home
where’s the glow
there it goes
now we know
nowhere home

Swallow glow
swallow whole
take the blows
no lost souls

Fell apart midday
as the wounds burned deep
didn’t matter much
as we talked through twilight sleep
Fell apart midday
and the drugs worked slow
didn’t matter much
we didn’t find the glow