From the recording BEEHIVE RIOT

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Wake up in a beehive
Sit up
I take the bait
'cause there's someone on the line
hook and sinker personified
End up devoting all my time
Now lately honey feelings gone
Fly in circles
hitting hexagonal lines
Do this not for myself
Just need to find
Uninterrupted train of tied up thoughts
I don't tell 'cause you know it all
Yet you look undecided
Sorry bird on a wire

I see nobody else around
Feel the riots kicking off all the time
Tear gas and fire
Complete demise, all right
Looking through new eyes all the time
See you in smoke
eyes watertight
Rust-razor wire
That's how it goes

I've seen it all before
Bad mojo and some more
Wild mood swings on the rise
Bad acid, coked butterflies

I taste it all the time
Honey blood on the line
White hexagonal lines
Black jackets in headlights

Hold on
somebody else on the line
How come it feels I'm flying all the time?
Swarms feed on your lies
Moths chasing the wrong light
You rely on reliance (science?)
No info 'cause I know it all
Big, fuck off riot
Tear gas and fire
I feel demise again
I didn't mean to be kind, no,
No need for new eyes,
But here's looking at you (at you)


You look like somebody else
You look like somebody else
You look like somebody else
You look like somebody else

You look like nobody else