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Hell yeah, legendary Alt-metal kings FFWWA'S back with a killer new single "DESTROY" - LISTEN / STREAM now

Then check out their epic 2022 self-titled EP - an epic collection of sonic treats



Far From Who We Are (FFWWA) brings the heavy and the heart more than most bands. A truly world-class outfit that continue to push boundaries, they've sculpted their own unique sound, forged in the fires of alternative rock, progressive metal, emo and metal-core. The results are mind-blowing..

Far From Who We Are is a 3-piece melodic hard rock band from Johannesburg, South Africa, consisting of brothers Johan Heyns (Guitar, Vocals, Synths), Maarten Heyns (Bass) and Kyle Williams (Drums). 

Formed back in 2015, the band released their self-titled debut in 2017, and have since continued to shape their signature sound through a number of well-received single releases (including “This is War” (2018), “Hollow”, ”Monster in Me” and “Chaos” (2019), “Hurricane” , “Living a Lie” and "Rise" (2020)). 

Far From Who We Are continue to push the boundaries of alternative rock and metal, fusing a mix of progressive rock, modern metal and electro sounds to create their unique sound that is big on emotion and haunting, yet super catchy, melodies, underpinned by brutal riffs and beats. 

heavy. progressive. emotive.

They’re well known for their energetic and immersive live shows, and the band have shared the stage with the big names in the SA rock scene (incl.The Narrow, Facing The Gallows, Red Helen, Truth And Its Burden, Man As Machine to name a few). Their recent  nomination for a South African Metal Music Award is proof of their impact on the local alternative music scene.  

They write, record, mix and master everything themselves in their own studio (The Laundry Room), and the result is a recording quality that is truly world-class, which is just what their songs deserve. 

“Rise”, released Nov 2020, was their first release via HopePunk Records, and was also included in Mongrel Records’ FANGS Volume 3, a compilation of the best of the African Rock & Metal underground.

2021 saw their long-awaited EP “Sleep in Shadows” receiving wide-spread media and radio coverage in the UK, Germany, Brazil, South Africa and the US, including a 5/5 review by the UK’s Emerging Rock Bands magazine and placement on some leading Spotify curated playlists.

This was quickly followed up by 2 smashing singles, showcasing the bands' range - hard-hitting "Invisible Visitor" (again playlisted by Spotify) and a beautiful remake of their 2017 classic "Poor Little Victim (Acoustic)".

And they kept bringing the heat in 2022, with "Bend To Your Will" and the haunting rework of "Easy Way Out" again pushing their sound in exciting new directions, followed by a new self-titled 5 track EP  in November 2022 (which reworked a few more of their previous classics and gave us a taste of what to expect from them in future, and it tastes goooood).

2023 started with a bang in May, when their epic new melodic alt-metal monster single "Destroy" joined the party.

For the latest news - follow @farfromwhoweare on FB and IG 


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