From the recording SLEEP IN SHADOWS - EP

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The 2nd single and title track, "Sleep in Shadows" deals with insomnia, and the demons and emotional shadows that haunt us when we close our eyes.

Featuring a really cool collab with Gideon Kretschmer (HeadFury, WonderWolf, Lava Suit)


Waking up
i don’t like what I feel
In darkness
my candle burns
on both ends
Feel it drip
What a trip
My shadows are taking turn

I wear a new disguise
But inside it burns
I welcome my demise
Yeah the tide will turn

Chase the world you used to know, tonight
(I can feel it)
Sow the seed and watch it grow in your mind
(can’t believe it)

Play in paradise
Feel what you deny

It makes no difference to me
What you tell yourself
I’m still the one lying here