Global experimental rock collective Pirates of Radio have created some exquisite pieces of sonic art over the last few years. They've been pioneers of the remote creative collaboration model since 2018 (with the members all living in different parts of the world), and it's this unique setup allowing both individual and collective creative freedom that has helped shape their unique experimental sound, infusing different cultures and genres into a special mix of emotion-heavy alternative/indie rock. 

And this has all been leading up to this special moment.....

"When Stars Collide" is the band's debut album, and includes a collection of all their previously released singles plus 2 exciting new songs "Something / Nothing" and "S7V7N", which again showcases the breadth of the bands' songwriting.

While the album was largely released as singles over the last 3 years, it was always envisioned as a single piece of art, and therefore it's this collective listening experience as one album that really brings these songs to life and tells the whole story. 

"When Stars" Collide" is out now on all platforms