HEADFURY'S FRESH mix of hard-hitting riffage, in-your-face heaviness AND melodic GROOVES DESERVE YOUR ATTENTION

Transcontinental hard rockers HeadFury, a 3-piece with its roots in Johannesburg, South Africa, formed in early 2020 and wasted no time recording and releasing some really world class melodic rock anthems. 

Their sound is a mix of infectious riffs, hard-hitting drums and emotional melodic soundscapes that will get your mind thinking and your head bouncing.

heavy. melodic. emotive.

The group consists of Vince (Guitar, Bass), Wayne (Drums) and Gideon (Vocals) - Wayne and Vince are based in South Africa, and Gideon in the UK.  The guys first met back in 2005 when Vince and Gideon were both signed to Musketeer Records playing in different bands. Wayne performed in the same scene and the initial creative connections were made.

Fast forward 15 years and Wayne is sitting in a jam room with Vince laying down the music for what is to become HeadFury. The songs are magic, but they are missing the right vocals that can do the songs justice. A WhatsApp song share to Gideon was all that he needed to get on-board – this music needed to be heard! A few rounds of rapid and remote pre- production later and the guys were in studio laying down their first EP “A New World”, which released in November 2020 to critical acclaim.

2021 saw the release of "Our Beginning" - a refreshing new sound (a love song), which had great radio and playlist success (incl. spending 12 weeks on the MixFM Top 40, reaching #4) and was a nice treat while we waited for their eagerly anticipated new album "REBIRTH", which released on Friday 20 May 2022. 

The new album features 6 tracks that sees a very cool progression of their signature sound. First single "Glimmer" released in Jan 2022, and quickly shot up the charts - reaching # 1 on the only and only MixFM TOP 40!

2nd single "LIARS" followed on Friday 22 April and turned up the amps quite a bit with a hard-hitting melodic rock beast of track. 

And the hits kept coming - 3rd single "Hideaway" dropped on Friday 13.05 and features an EPIC collab with SA singer-songwriter Nicola Mcleod.

"REBIRTH" is out everywhere - give it is spin NOW 

For more info and all the latest news - check out this link

latest news

Long-awaited new EP "REBIRTH" is out now! LISTEN / WATCH NOW

The album includes the bands' massive recent singles "HIDEAWAY" (feat. the amazing Nicola Mcleod) and rock beast "LIARS"  - LISTEN/ WATCH NOW





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