1. KISS ME

From the recording KISS ME

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Kiss me and
Hold me tight
I don't want to lose
This feeling I have inside

I daydream of the other night
The one that I love
Makes me glow in the dark

Here with you now
Mountains so high
We are on top of the world

melt in your hands
heart beating fast
Wish this moment lasts forever

Kiss me and don't let go
Our favorite songs
play on the radio

I have the time of my life
The one I adore
Never like this before

Give me one dance
Slow in the moonlight
You and me forever

Until every star in the galaxy burns out
darling I'm yours

Give me the kind of feeling
I've never ever felt this way before

Give me the kind of feeling
I'd never ever change it for the world

Give me the kind of feeling
I'd never let you go

'cause you're my world
I love and adore you