From the recording SPIRAL

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Taken from “SPIRAL”, a 3-part concept album that expresses the vicious/virtuous cycle (Spiral?) of relationships and our search for companionship.

After recovering in the Underground, we find new hope and indulge in the fun and freedom that new love brings, the reward for our previous toils. “PLAYGROUND” tells this part of the story.


Do you want it?
i’m wide awake
Fair enough

I know you wanna
You’re addicted to me
Don’t lie

We flow deep, let’s leave shallow water
Below we’re in need of another high
You’re lonely, don’t be any longer
Just Play

In a far away land
We’re on the playground
You show love to me
I know your highs

It’s slowly fading
What did we wait for?
Do you love me?

We are alone in life
But you know
(You’re safe here)

I let you breathe when you wanna
I let you take some air from me
You are my home

In a far away land
We’re on the playground
You still belong to me
I hold your eyes

It slowly faded
Oh how I long for
Don’t run away
from me anymore


Do you still wanna
I know you wanna