From the recording SPIRAL

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Taken from “SPIRAL”, a 3-part concept album that expresses the vicious/virtuous cycle (Spiral?) of relationships and our search for companionship. It’s a continuous loop, but it starts with a period of recovery (after the previous battle) and reflection (and growth) in preparation for the next game. “UNDERGROUND” tells this part of the story.


I guess there’s nothing left
The battle lost, conceded
I’m sinking into the underground
It’s time that I confess

You broke my heart in two
But that is what I needed
Taking time to understand
What I’ve become with you

While we floated high
It was beautiful
Then it all came tumbling down
Oh, how poetic

Now hidden I feel safer
Beneath I see things clearer
Growing the seeds
Of a new playground
But will I find you there?

When we took a dive
We were free (falling)
I thought that I could fly
No way, you were my pilot

I’ll find you there
In the underground
And don’t be scared
You will be found

We’re in the red
We’re burning out
So let’s reset
We’re safe here in the underground
It’s where it all started

I’ve seen this all before
Still remains the hardest
What goes up always falls down
The only way we learn