From the recording DYNAMITE DREAMS

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Do you dream it, too?
Do you see it through?

There ain’t nobody like us
there ain’t nobody else
no matter what they say next
words run dry

Then we fed in the darkness
now we feed in the light
omnipresent whiteness

Marked by the self
throw us a line, come on
cut by the self
shine us a light, come on

Do you dream it, too?
Do you?
There ain’t nobody around us
there ain’t nobody there
whatever words we spew next
spit runs dry

Now we feed in the darkness
then we fed in the light
effervescent brightness

Hurt by the self
drop me a line (come on)
cut by the self
give us a light

I give you my mind
feeding you sun
feeding on sun
ready to rise
that brings us closer to life
unspoken, for sure, all the time

Do you dream it, too?
Do you see it through?

As feathers float above us
the world is black and white
no matter where we go next

(Lyrics by Ramon Rabie)