oUr services

We're continuing to expand and refine the scope of our services and artist family as we grow.
Below are some of the things we're already having fun with... 


The "traditional" label with a new-aged approach in step with today's independent distribution models and channels. We work with artists to find the right balance between old-school full-suite label services and "label-lite" support, to ensure there is value for both sides, with flexibility to adjust as you grow. 

Due to our DIY business model, as well as our size, we are very selective about who we take on and we're not currently actively looking for new artists. This said, we're open to expanding our family for the right artist, no matter where you're based. 

We're open to any style or genre, but inherently gravitate more towards rock, punk, pop-rock, acoustic/folk, metal, but also electronic styles that bring the same energy. If you share our ethos, take your music and artistry as seriously as we do, and believe you offer something fresh  - get in touch


We're musicians and creative ourselves, and have 25+ years of industry experience working across the music value chain - from that first riff to launching the album and video to touring and building relationships with fans, media and industry. 

This means we can support our artists with some of the following: 

  1. Songwriting and producing - helping you shape your ideas into the hits you deserve, from initial riff to producing the final product

  2. Lyric writing - having authentic, hard-hitting lyrics is half of a songs' magic, and we've got you covered - we work with a number of Wordsmiths that are sure to breathe new life into your music

  3. Session muso's - we've got a global network of session muso's to suit any budget or style, so if you need that killer bass line or vocal hook - look no further

  4. Film/TV/Ads - we can create the perfect soundtrack, whether it be a jingle, a full-blown music score or that classic song/hook that makes your scene come to life. 

  5. Visuals - a picture says a thousand words...we are strong believers in releasing music via a visual medium in today's market,  and can help you record and edit that world class lyric video, music video, promo clip, post or ad. Have a look at our artist videos - we create most of them ourselves.



We own and operate our own recording studio - HopePunk Studios, and are able to offer very competitively priced recording and mixing/re-mixing of songs for our artists as well as other independent musicians.

Most of our artist's recordings to date have been recorded in our very own studio, which will give you an idea of the results we get. It's definitely a perfect solution for a demo/pre-production, but also great for releasing professionally. 

Also, we have built up relationships with a network of tried and tested world-class recording studios, mixing engineers and mastering engineers - in Germany, South Africa, UK and the US, and can support artists to get their ideas recorded, mixed and mastered in the right way.